Bit late on the uptake, but better late than never

So, all fans of Benedict Cumberbatch probably already know this, but I thought I’d go ahead and write about it any way.

Benedict Cumberbatch got engaged to Sophie Hunter. The engagement was announced the good old fashioned way with an announcement in the local newspaper, and he asked the blessing of her parents before proposing.

Now, just reading through the blurbs brought up by a search on Google with the words ‘Benedict Cumberbatch engaged’ has got me shaking my head.

“We didn’t know he was actually from the past!”

“Benedict Cumberbatch wants a “private wedding”.” glamourmagazine

Now . . . this just boggles me. It shouldn’t, but it does.

Why shouldn’t the couple have a quiet wedding? Why do they need to tell the whole world they’re engaged. This sort of goes along with the whole thing I saw on Robert Downey Jr.’s facebook page this afternoon. “Actor carries receipt in mouth while carrying three bags”.

I carry pens, pencils, papers, phones, earphones, money (even though I probably really shouldn’t) socks (again with the probably shouldn’t) and even kleenex in my mouth and nobody’s making an article announcement of it complete with photos.
I use my drawers as shelves, my kleenexes twice, eat erratically, sleep erratically, and still don’t know how to drive but nobody’s oohing and ahing over me.

I guess that just goes to show how America really does have classes. In some cases you could argue we have a caste system. I mean, famous people can’t name their kids Sunday Rose or North without getting laughed at or called stupid.

It makes me think of Weird Al’s song “TMZ” – you should listen to it, find it on youtube if you’ve never heard it. It is truly terrifying how obsessed we are with people just because they happen to portray fictional characters that we love.

I’ll admit. I obsess. Grant Gustin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Renner, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan O’Brien, Logan Lerman, Garret Hedlund, Jensen Ackles . . . and a slew of others that I have forgotten about. I don’t obsess about all these at the same time but at one point or another I knew a ton of random facts about them and I still have folders of photos of them. Mostly when they were in character though.
And that’s a distinction I think our society is losing – the character, and the actor. They aren’t the same person. Sure, the actor portrays the character. Sherlock is really good at solving crimes. Doesn’t mean Robert Downey Jr. or Benedict Cumberbatch are.
They are acting. Pretending. Playing a part that may or may not reflect elements of their own personality.
Doesn’t mean they are actually like that in real life.
Doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a life of their own, out of the spot light.

I respect Benedict Cumberbatch. Actually . . . this has restored some of my respect of Benedict Cumberbatch. I think it’s great that he’s going the old fashioned way, the traditional way.

Because you know what?

Tradition is what guides us – it’s a tether, a compass, a standard that we can follow or abandon. I think we’ve been abandoning far to much far to flippantly and that is why I respect Mr. Cumberbatch’s choices, and I respect their privacy, and this is really random, but I haven’t been sleeping well and I’m tired of typing, so . . .

I’m not proofreading this, don’t kill me, hope you like it . . . feel free to comment/agree/argue. Just mind the rules 😀


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