Did you know?

Did you know, in The Empty Hearse, the first episode of the third series, Sherlock and Mycroft’s parents were played by Benedict Cumberbatch’s real mother and father, Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton respectively.

Amanda Abbington, who’s playing Mary Morstan in the third series, is Martin’s partner in reality. They have two children together.



Did you know?

Did you know, in The Resident Patient by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle one of the Worthingdon bank gang was named Moffat? And now the books are being made into a modernized TV series by Steven Moffat.

There are two stories narrated by Holmes himself. They are The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane and The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier.

Greetings Travelers


Hello, and welcome to my blog. This is a new thing for me, as I have never blogged before, however I have been toying with the idea for about a month now.

Basically, this is my space for all my random thoughts concerning Sherlock Holmes, the great detective. I have read all the stories, and I have watched all the episodes of BBC Sherlock, so most musings will focus on these. I have not seen Elementary however, but I am not going to attack any version of Sherlock Holmes, even if I don’t entirely agree with it.

I will most likely talk about other subjects as well, mainly TV shows, Books, Movies, and Actors.


I would like to take a moment and explain where I got my username from, just to prevent any misunderstandings from occurring.
sherfreakimwatlocked is a reflection of how much I love Sherlock Holmes. My mother has mentioned that I am a ‘Sherlock freak’ on several occasions, so I shortened it to ‘sherfreak’ for the first part of my name.
‘im’ is, obviously, ‘I’m’, referring to me.
‘watlocked’ is, and this is the one thing I want to clear up, NOT a reference to a slash pairing. It is my way of saying I adore Watson because he is the one I relate to the most. I got ‘watlocked’ from the BBC Sherlock episode ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ when The Woman’s password is ‘I am Sher-locked’.

I’m not trying to get anybody’s hackles up, but this is my blog, so there are some rules I’d like to lay out.

1) I do not agree with the use of excessive bad language, or any bad language for that matter.

2) I do not agree with pairings that consist of a woman with a woman or a man with a man. This is a personal belief, and I realize that, so I am not going to attack anyone who disagrees with that – I just ask that you don’t attack me for my view.

That’s all the rules I can think of right now, and probably the only two I’ll have.